Today’s fabulous article written by Karen Bantuveris focuses on involving the whole family in honor of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary by getting out and making a difference! Karen Bantuveris is the CEO and Founder of VolunteerSpot – learn more on her website at

5 Simple Tips to Inspire Earth-Friendly Volunteering With Kids

With spring fresh in the air, trees budding, and Earth Day (40th Anniversary) events getting ramped up for April 22, it’s easy to get inspired to protect and preserve our Mother Earth. Get the whole family involved! Please consider these 5 simple tips for engaging kids in earth-friendly volunteering:

Go Local! – Choose a project in your neighborhood, school, or township so kids can see the impact of their efforts in their daily lives. You may decide to plant a neighborhood garden, recycle bottles and cans at the soccer fields, or participate in a graffiti removal project at your playground.

Give Children a Voice – Involve kids in choosing their projects and initiatives to build commitment and ownership. Younger kids may simply vote for their favorite activity. Engage older children in researching needs and groups active in environmental volunteering in your area.

Plan Ahead – Be sure to think it through. What permissions and materials will you need to get started? Will you need ongoing support – for example, how many volunteers will it take to weed and water newly planted beds near the playground?

Get Help – If you’ve found a need in your community, like an abandoned lot in need of a serious clean up – invite Scout troops, sports teams, and school service-learning teams to support your efforts. (Many middle schools and high schools now have service-learning requirements where students must participate in a certain number of volunteer hours during the year.) Simple online scheduling and sign up tools like VolunteerSpot make asking for help and coordinating groups super quick and easy (

Talk it Up – Volunteering with your children provides a fun and positive family bonding experience and opens the door for meaningful conversations about good earth stewardship, and the importance of giving back locally.