You have heard some of them before – bring your own reusable cloth bag & bag your own groceries, buy locally grown produce – but what about these super tips for going green at the grocery store?

1. When picking out your favorite fruits and veggies in the produce aisle, do you really need to bag each item individually? The bags most likely get tossed when you get home anyway! Bring a smaller cloth bag with you for separating produce or just place inside a basket set in your cart specifically for fruits and vegetables.

2. Choose items in glass, cardboard or recyclable containers – all items that can in turn, be recycled once used. Also, choose products that are packaged in post-consumer recycled materials if possible.

3. Buy fresh! Stick to the outer edges of the grocery aisle, for cheeses & dairy products, fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These items are not wrapped in plastic inside a cardboard box – what you see is what you get! Minimal packaging, maximum flavor and freshness. Your body (and the Earth!) will thank you!

*Image provided by Kangaroom Storage*