Today’s illuminating article is written by Nancy Zazzaro, mom-extraordinaire and creator of Monster Spray and Storm Squasher. Nancy has developed these two aromatherapeutic products to help little ones fight their fears – naturally! For more information, check out her new website,


by Nancy Zazzaro

Fears are very common in children between the ages of three and eight. They can be triggered by anything from hearing a scary story, seeing scary images, or the fact that children are becoming aware of death and their vulnerability.

Children tend to feel small and often powerless. The world can seem big, frightening, and confusing. Vivid imaginations contribute to their fears. The symbol for the things children find scary and feel might harm them, manifests itself in the form of “monsters.”

The best way to solve childhood fears is to give children the feeling of control and power over what is frightening to them. An excellent way to overcome these fears is to tell the child a story about a protective monster that watches over them. In addition, a picture of a friendly monster is superb in helping them frighten away the “bad” monsters. Aromatherapy sprays with essential oils, such as lavender, create an actual soothing effect. Give them “bravery in a bottle”. Empowering children is key to overcoming their fears. With creativity, love, and support children can conquer their fears.