For complete oral care – EvoraPlus™ by Oragenics offers a unique all-in-one formula in a tiny, tasty mint! After brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, simply let one tablet dissolve in your mouth. There is no need to swallow a large pill! This refreshing little mint is the first probiotic used in conjunction with oral care, as it whitens teeth, freshens malodorous breath, and supports tooth and gum health. Each box contains 60 mints for a 30 day supply.

Furthermore, EvoraPlus™ attacks nasty breath at the source, by balancing the “bad” bacteria found in the mouth with the patented Probiora3™ probiotics. These probiotics bind to the teeth as well as penetrate beneath the gum line, and prohibit harmful bacteria from creating an imbalance in the mouth.

Oragenics also offers a chewable oral care probiotic for children, called EvoraKids™, and a probiotic powder for pets, Teddy’s Pride. For more information, visit

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