Healthy fondue? Can it be true? With the addition of flaxseed oil, and using water rather than cream, this becomes a decadent treat that contains antioxidants & Omega-3 fatty acids, plus fiber and vitamin C from the fruit! Visit Delicious Living Magazine online for more delightfully healthy recipes!

Chocolate Fondue

By Alan Roettinger


12 ounces bittersweet or dark chocolate chips

3/4 cup water

1/4-1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, to taste

1 pinch sea salt

¼ cup flaxseed oil

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons Grand Marnier (or fresh orange juice)

Seasonal fruit, cut into bite-size pieces, for dipping


1. Place chocolate in a bowl set over hot (not boiling) water; stir until melted.

2. In a small pot, combine water, cayenne, and salt; bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and add to melted chocolate, 1 tablespoon at a time, whisking to incorporate. The mixture will seize up at first, but continue to whisk in tablespoons of hot water until all has been added. Whisk in oil, then vanilla and Grand Marnier. Pour hot mixture into a fondue pot and serve at once, with a platter of fruit and forks or skewers for dipping.

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