Shopping for Organic Food on a Budget

If you’ve come to the decision that buying organic food is high on your priority list for the wellbeing of your family but you’re worried about not being able to afford it, don’t fret, there are ways of being green without breaking the wallet.

As organic products have become more and more popular, a rising number of big grocery stores and warehouse type outlets are carrying organic options. Always be sure to choose products labeled with the USDA Organic label. Even though organically grown food tends be pricier than traditionally grown food, you can find some good deals at places like Costco and Wal-Mart.

Smaller organic grocery shops also offer a wide range of organic foods but these may be a more expensive option than the larger grocery chains. If you live near a Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe’s you will be able find more affordable prices in these shops than in the smaller organic stores. You can get a 10% discount at Whole Food Markets if you buy in bulk.

Buying fruits and vegetables in season will also save you some money. Ask your local fruit merchant or grocer which fruits and vegetables are in season and when they will arrive at the store and try to purchase them as soon as they are on offer as this will ensure they stay fresh for a longer time. Organic foods don’t have added preservatives and therefore have a shorted shelf life than conventionally grown food, so try to minimize waste by only buying the freshest products possible.

Meat is an item you can stock up on, so if you find some organic meat on sale, buy a large quantity and freeze it, you’ll save yourself some money. As meat is expensive, meatless meals are a great way to save some money, try limiting your weekly meat intake.

Getting a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) membership can help you save a substantial amount of money. A CSA membership allows you to order and receive food from local farmers. You will be able to receive whatever is in season at the time. The downside of this arrangement is that you can’t choose the foods you want and if you are the parent of finicky eaters, you may not find this the ideal option.

Another great money saving option is to frequent Farmer’s Markets. Farmer’s Markets are the ideal venue for finding fresh, organically grown foodstuffs. Don’t be intimidated by steep prices, if you want a little, you will discover many merchants market down their prices to sell. You will find many stalls reduce their prices drastically to sell their produce as the market approaches closing time.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a fun and relatively easy thing to do. Some vegetables are relatively easy to grow, requiring only a window box such as herbs and cherry tomatoes. Once you’ve learned to grow simple foods, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to grow more complicated fruits and vegetables. Nothing is more fulfilling than eating something you’ve grown yourself.

As you can see, with a bit of research you can easily incorporate organic foods within budget. If eating healthy organic food is high on your priority list, you will find other ways of saving money to enable you to buy organic.

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