Need instant protection from the sun for your little one while on the go? Rather than wait 20 minutes for sunscreen to become active on your child’s skin, Sunny SleeveZ provides 50+ UV sun protection in seconds – literally! Just slip on over arms or legs, and baby’s fair skin is covered. No need to re-apply every 2 hours like regular sunscreens, as the protection from Sunny SleeveZ never wears off!

Mom” at Tiny Green Mom loves everything about Sunny SleeveZ – especially the fact that they are reusable, as no empty containers get tossed into the trash or need to be recycled! Sunny SleeveZ contain no harsh chemicals, so they are perfect for newborns who cannot yet wear sunscreen, or for those with skin sensitivities. With so many cool designs to choose from, these stylin’ sleeves are fun to mix and match!

To purchase, visit Sunny SleeveZ. If you buy 2 pairs, the 3rd pair is half-price!

*Company sent a sample for this review.*