To encourage children to eat healthy foods rich in fiber, offers a wonderful article on the “Top Fiber-Rich Foods (and how to get kids to eat ’em).” You will find that making smart, healthy choices that are loaded with fiber to add up to your recommended daily serving of 25-30 grams doesn’t have to mean boring bran!

Top Fiber-Rich Foods

1. Bread
2. Pasta
3. Cereal
4. Beans and Legumes

5. Fruits and Vegetables

Visit Top 5 Fiber-Rich Foods on for the full artcile, more information and wonderful tips!

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  1. Stefanie Kushner
    Stefanie Kushner says:

    One solution I found for adding pureed vegetables to my food without ACTUALLY pureeing it is to buy baby food. It is more expensive but it is my back up for when I quickly need to add a vegetable and don’t have time to puree it. Costco was also selling frozen pureed vegetables and it included those veggies that don’t come in baby food – cauliflower for one. I find cauliflower easy to add to mash potatoes but impossible to get my kids to eat on their own.

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