Mom” at Tiny Green Mom just discovered this fantastic program that is on a mission to stop used, unwanted and broken crayon pieces from ending up in landfills! To date, the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™ has stopped over 53,000 pounds of crayon bits and pieces from ending up in landfills. Now that’s impressive! How does this organization make this happen? With YOUR help! With drop-off bins nationally, the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™ takes the unwanted crayons and turns them back into fresh, new crayons in a wide array of solid and multi-colors. You can purchase Crazy Crayons, Earthling Crayons, and Eco Stars – all made from recycled crayons through the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™.

The CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™ makes it super simple – just collect the crayons, box and ship – no need to unwrap each and every used crayon. By leaving the wrappers on, it is easier to distinguish between the darker colors, such as blue and purple. This innovative program even sorts through the crayons to make sure that there are none made in China and other foreign countries, which may contain lead, plastics or other harmful substances.

For more information on the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™, such as shipping tips or collection ideas, visit their website.

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