Finding environmentally-friendly products for the home that are easy on the budget isn’t always simple! Yes, you can use the tried and true tricks of the trade, such as using baking soda for scouring sinks, and lemons to clean the inside of your microwave, but what about cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher or at the sink? Even better – how about a product that does both? Earth Friendly Products has created the first dual cleaning product available today – DuoDish! This effective dishwashing gel is gentle on hands but strong enough to use in the dishwasher! DuoDish™ gel can be used when handwashing your china in the sink or placed in the dishwasher to wash your pots, pans, silverware, plates and bowls. This eco-friendly product does double duty, saving you money, too!

For those committed to using non-toxic cleaning products in their home and are looking for an affordable option, Earth Friendly Products offers a complete line that is free of bleach, petrochemicals, phosphates, carcinogens and other harmful ingredients.

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