Eco-fabulous, non-toxic star-shaped crayons – who wouldn’t want to break out the coloring books, notepads, or construction paper to create a masterpiece! 20 bold, solid-colored Eco Stars arrive in a box made from 100% recycled materials, and the crayons themselves are made from crayons that have been collected from the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM™. This unique program takes used, broken and discarded crayons and turns them into exciting new shapes that kids will love! Eco Stars are no exception – plus, they are sized perfectly for tiny hands to color and create! When one star point becomes flat and dull, just turn and use the next point – almost like having 5 sharp crayons in one! Eco Stars make a wonderful eco-friendly gift, priced reasonably at $8.95. To purchase Eco Stars and other non-toxic art materials, visit their website.

*Company sent a sample, images and information for this review.