Oh Plah™! Bend it, twist, it, squish it, chew on it – this pliable cuff made to stylishly fit on mom’s wrist while on-the-go makes a wonderful teething toy for your little drooler. Made in the USA of safe, non-toxic medical grade thermoplastic, this unique teething bracelet and toy is free of BPA (Bisphenol-A) phthalates, PVC, harmful lead and latex. Available in a rainbow of colors, this durable toy can be cleaned with soap and water and stands up to the biting and gnawing that accompanies teething.

What does Oh Plah!™ mean? In French, Oh Plah means “here you go!” Aptly named for those moments all moms experience when baby is fussing and a toy is needed to redirect and entertain – just pull this accessory off the wrist, and “Oh Plah!”

In addition, when your child has outgrown their Oh Plah!™ teething bracelet, the Roundhouse Design Collaborative, the company behind this innovative product, offers a full recycling program. Simply click here to download your free return label to send it back to the company to be recycled. Isn’t that eco-fabulous?!

To purchase an Oh Plah!™ teething bracelet, visit their website.

*Company provided a sample and images for this review.*