Aromatherapy at its’ finest! Soy Delicious offers wonderfully-scented soy candles that double as a silky moisturizer for the body. Simply choose a fragrance and let the aroma take you away to a Caribbean beach or bring back memories of mom’s kitchen! Beautifuly packaged, each candle arrives with its’ own bamboo dipping spoon for scooping out the oil. Each scented candle will burn for approximately 80 hours with virtually no smoke or soot due to its’ pure ingredients. Choose from 13 amazing scents to suit your mood – from Dulce de Leche or Island Mango to Fresh Linen or Lemongrass.

No paraffin wax is used to make Soy-Delicious candles, just 100% pure soy. To use, light the candle as you enjoy an evening at home or relaxing in the bathtub. Once liquified, dip the bamboo spoon into the soy and massage over your body for a decadent moisturizing experience. Pure delicious-ness!

When you are finished with the candle, the glass can be recycled or washed out to be used as a pretty tumbler. To learn more about Soy-Delicious Candles and to purchase, visit

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  1. Olga
    Olga says:

    I have enjoyed these candles and they really are fabulous! Not only is their scent delicious, but they really do work as moisturizers! These candles are a true treat! You get to relax and pamper yourself all at once!

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