Mom” at Tiny Green Mom was recently introduced to a fabulous skin care line, MyChelle Dermaceuticals! Sent the UV Repair Kit for review, “Mom” couldn’t be happier with this natural skin care line that is free of parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances!

To care for your skin this summer, the UV / Hyperpigmentation Repair Kit provides wonderful results for sun-kissed skin. To help reduce hyperpigmentation & wrinkles caused by harmful UVA/UVB exposure, to even skin tone, and to keep that “summer glow,” the kit features six products to use in easy-to-follow steps: Apple Brightening Cleanser, Apple Brightening Peel, Apple Brightening Serum, Apple Brightening Mist, Deep Repair Cream Unscented, and Sun Shield SPF 28 Tube.

For busy moms, this regimen is super simple and does not take more than a few minutes of your time, but will give you long-lasting results. You deserve it!


Cleanse skin with the Apple Brightening Cleanser. This sulfate-free cleanser has been specifically designed to exfoliate your skin gently with natural fruit acids and contains powerful antioxidants to protect against free radical damage.

Step 2:

Apply the Apple Brightening Peel. This is not a harsh peel, and it is made with green apple fruit, lemon bioflavonoids, and acai antioxidants to help diminish hyperpigmentation. After applying, leave on the skin for 5-15 minutes, and rinse off.

Step 3:

Soothe skin with the Apple Brightening Serum. This advanced formula will help to reduce the signs of again as well leaves skin luminous with the combination of Bio-mimetic peptide Melanosatine®5 and sea plant-derived Algowhite®.

Step 4:

Hydrate dry, parched skin with the Apple Brightening Mist. This lovely toner smells delightful with the addition of daisy, mangosteen, and acai combined with heavy water.

Step 5:

Nourish and moisturize the skin on the face, neck and decolette with the Deep Repair Cream. This rich, dreamy cream assists in balancing the skin and helps to improve the quality and smoothness.

Step 6:

The most important step of all – sunscreen! The Sun Shield SPF 28 is a non-greasy, protective shield while out and about during the day! Both ZinClear™ and Titanium Dioxide help to block against UV damage.

That’s it! It seems like quite a bit, but at most will take about 10 – 20 minutes of your time, depending upon on how long you leave the Apple Brightening Peel on your skin. You will just GLOW afterwards!

For more information on MyChelle Dermaceuticals and to purchase items from this wonderful skin care line, visit their website.

*Company provided samples, images, and information for this review.*