Crush it, wash it, pack it – Tilley Endurables stand up to the test! To protect the delicate skin of Dad’s face, neck and eyes from the sun, look no further than the super-stylish T4MO or T5MO organic cotton hat from Tilley Endurables! This breathable, rugged-looking hat (think Indiana Jones!) that Dad will never leave home without is an optimal solution to a long day spent working or playing outdoors. The T4MO or T5MO organic cotton hat provides UPF 50+, is machine washable, repels rain and even floats, and even more importantly, Tilley Endurables are guaranteed for life! The organic cotton hat is available in 2 styles, the T4MO with a broader down-sloping brim, and the T5MO with a medium down-sloping brim. Tilley Endurables have designed a selection of hat styles for both men and women, and can be purchased online at

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