Experience the benefits of the Amazon with creamy, decadent cleansers from Wembe! These luxe, cleansing soaps for face and body inspired by nature will invigorate both your body and mind with their aromatherapeutic effects. Simply natural, Wembe’s certified Vegan soaps are cruelty-free and offer something to suit every mood & need, from passion fruit or seaweed to coconut or chocolate to stimulate and awaken the senses.

Wembe’s cleansing bars are 100% organic and natural, and will remove the dead skin cells, oil, make-up, dirt & grime and reveal the underlying fresh skin on both the face and body. In addition to their full line, Wembe offers a variety pack that includes all of their simply divine cleansing bars. Why not experience them all?! To purchase, visit www.Wembe.com.

*Company sent samples, images, and information for this review.*