4 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Summer Day Trips

Most summer day trips involve some event in the city, but they don’t have to. Whether you want to do something within a day’s drive from home, or are on a vacation adventure and want to squeeze in a day adventure close to your Utah Resort, there are a variety of ways to make the most of your outing and still keep it green.

Biking. An eco-friendly favorite, biking doesn’t use any fuel, emit any nasty gases (unless you had too many beans for dinner), and allows you to experience clean air blowing your curly locks. Biking can be done from literally anywhere. More and more cities are adding greenbelts to their city surroundings, and more “off-road” trails are being maintained in nature areas all over the country for all skill levels.

Hiking. There’s nothing like a good hike. You can hike through your local park or take a short trip to a natural area for a good hike. There are so many available hiking trails within an hour or two from most city centers, that you might even be able to take a different trail for every week of your summer.

Canoeing. America is full of rivers and with these rivers comes canoeing outfits – or rafting. A canoe trip down a lazy river with a picnic in the middle is an ideal summery thing to do. You’ll have to do some research before you go, make sure you’re not going to start out on a gentle river and end up in some scary rapids, or scout out some outfitters that can point you to the perfect trip.

Ride the Train. This seems in conflict with the above ideas, but if you live in a more urban area you might think about taking a train ride. There is some controversy about how much trains pollute, but it depends on the train and overall they pollute less than your car does. Plus, they won’t be hauling just you and your family. The idea here is discovering a brand new destination and explore on foot. You might even take the train to a completely new area in the next state.

This article was written by Eric Rea of ericrea.com expressly for Tiny Green Mom. A BIG thanks to Eric for this timely article!

*Image found on ClipArt.*