We all want to live a little greener, but many of us believe it is too time-consuming and expensive. The following ten tips will give you a little more know-how on ways you can make your life a more Earth-Friendly without much effort and by SAVING money as opposed to spending it. The following tips were written by Kelli of 3 Boys and a Dog, who authored this article today!

7 Earth-Friendly Tips to Help You Live a Little Greener

1. Start Recycling – Call your local recycling plant to find out exactly what they will accept and not accept. Then, dedicate bins to different kids of materials – blue for glass, red for aluminum, green for paper. Have your kids spread the word to family and friends! Most recycling places will pay you for your “trash” so your kids can make a bit of money!

2. Get Rid of Paper – Lose the paper filing system. Use electronic storage instead of paper files to save paper and space.

3. Use Natural Light – Open the blinds in your home instead of turning on lamps to reduce energy consumption. Guess what, it also cuts down on your electricity bill!

4. Pick Up Litter – Spend an afternoon picking up litter in your community, park or at your local beach. This helps the eco-system and teaches our kids not to litter.

5. Buy In Bulk – Purchase items in bulk when possible to reduce packaging waste. Also, you will find that bulk items are cheaper per net oz. than regular sized items.

6. Start a Compost Pile – Recycle organic waste by creating a compost pile. It will not only reduce landfill waste, but it also creates nutrient-rich soil for your garden!

7. Hit The Lights – Remember to turn lights off when you leave a room to conserve energy. In fact, switch all your bulbs to less wattage. You won’t notice the difference, but your electricity bill will! Quick, easy, and will make a huge difference!
Kelli is a homeschooling mom blogger at 3 Boys and a Dog. You will find her blogging about the boys and dog, reviews, giveaways, super cool guest posters, recipes, homeschooling, home organization, and pretty much anything that will help you on your journey as a Mom! A HUGE thanks to Kelli for this fabulous article written for Tiny Green Mom!