Have a waddler on your hands? Get ready for some major milestones ahead! As your little one goes from crawling to walking to all-out running, now is the time to childproof your home! (if you haven’t already!) “Mom” at Tiny Green Mom was sent two fabulous products to review from Rhoost that came just in time as “Mom’s” daughter turns 11 months old and is becoming quite the mover and shaker!

Rhoost offers functional yet stylish products that are extremely simple to use! So many childproofing products on the market require the use of screws and adhere using an adhesive which can ruin your cabinetry or pieces of furniture. Not Rhoost! Both the Rhoost Edge and Rhoost Sling attach with a unique strap and lock fastening system. It is because of this first-of-its-kind system that you can attach and re-attach each one with ease, and even tuck into a diaper bag for visits to Grandma’s!

In addition to keeping tiny hands out of cabinets or providing a safe, secure cover on table corners, the Rhoost Edge and Rhoost Sling are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free AND 100% recyclable. This company is on a mission to provide families with safe, functional baby-proofing products that are planet-friendly, and in addition, blend well with any home decor. The Rhoost Edge table corner protectors are available in plum, brown and black, and the Rhoost Sling for keeping curious fingers out of cabinetry is available in brown or black.

To learn more about Rhoost’s childproofing products or to purchase, please visit Rhoost.com.

*Company provided samples, images, and information for this review.*