Pinky, the lovable black Cocker Spaniel, received a real treat in the mail today! The Davinci Dog Feeder arrived, and wow, what a difference an elevated dog feeder makes for her! Elevated dog feeders are recommended by veterinarians for your dog’s proper posture while eating, as they are ergonomically-correct, and their food and water will now be at the proper height. They are especially useful for older dogs who are stiff or who may have joint problems.

The Davinci Dog Feeder features a stainless steel bowl surrounded by modern art that will add a pleasing aesthetic to the home – move over plastic dog dish! This gorgeous piece is lightweight, and made of wood covered by a water-resistant laminate finish. (Pinky seems to appreciate that!) It is truly unobtrusive and looks much more attractive than a ceramic or beaten-up plastic dish typically used by pets.

For healthier mealtimes for your pet, ChazHound offers a wide variety of elevated dog feeders to suit your pet’s needs (and ahem, your decor!). From wrought iron feeders and double bowl feeders to wooden feeders and bone-shaped feeders, there is something to suit even the most discerning taste. Both you and your pet’s taste, of course!

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