The Tiny Green Mom household just received the NUK Orthodontic Starter Set for review, and this has got to be one of the cutest sets available! Adorned with magical dragonflies, the gorgeous green bottles are BPA-Free and come with a selection of orthodontic fast and slow flow nipples that feature the “NUK Air System” which helps to reduce colic. Nursing mamas will love the fact that the nipples are shaped like the mother’s breast to help simulate and support breastfeeding.

NUK is the #1 selling pacifier company in the USA, and the Starter Set also includes an orthodontic pacifier for healthy teeth formation. This is comforting knowledge for those parents whose young child uses a pacifier to soothe and pacify. The NUK Starter Set includes 3 bottles in 2 sizes, and is reasonably priced at just $39.95. To purchase, visit It is also available at Amazon and Babies R Us.

*Company provided a sample, images and information for this review.*