For all you tea enthusiasts out there, here’s a way to save energy while still imbiding your treasured cup(s) of daily tea! From across the pond, this article was written for Tiny Green Mom by John Barlow.

Saving Energy With Just Your Kettle

I don’t know about you but I really love tea. Tea and biscuits for a morning break, (and if I’m honest for afternoon breaks and night time snacks) are my favorite non-alcohol based guilty pleasures. The only thing is, I’ve recently become aware that my energy efficiency is duly lacking and with this I’ve realised that I have been using my kettle very often to make only a few cups of tea at a time. Kettles are one of the most used appliances in the average person’s kitchen, and in many situations the most over used in some ways. And I am as guilty as anyone else for wasting energy by not using my kettle in an energy efficient way.

However, after some thought and a little bit of research I have come up with some things that everyone can do to save energy with just your kettle. Consider this, how many times have you made one cup of tea just for yourself but have filled the kettle right up to the top? I would say many times. I know I have and I know that everyone else in my family have and all my friends and that is really a lot of people and therefore a lot of wasted energy. So my number one tip for saving energy with your kettle is to only fill up enough water for how many cups you need. You’ll be surprised at how much quicker it is (I hate waiting for what seems like days for a full kettle to boil) and you’ll have a nice warm feeling that you’ve done your bit to save energy.

But there’s more! You can keep that nice feeling and double it by using these other handy hints. First of all, use your boiled water straight away. What I mean is, don’t flick the switch and then leave the room only to come back five minutes later to find your boiled water cooling down. You’ll only have to boil it again undoing all your good work of boiling just the right amount. So keep an eye and an ear open for when the boiling is complete. Next, if by chance you have boiled too much water, never fear, you can still use the leftover water, and here’s how. Put it in a thermos flask to use for later! Or use the hot water for dishwashing. If you make a pot of tea you can put whatever is left over in the fridge and drink it iced!

Another handy trick to use your kettle to save energy is to use the boiled water for cooking. Doing this will cut down on the energy used by your cooker and will even save water. Also, don’t forget to switch your kettle off at the plug. Appliances left on ‘standby’ still use up energy even when you think they’re not in use.

Now all this talk of boiling water has made me thirsty. I’m off for a nice, energy efficient cup of tea.

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A BIG thanks to John Barlow from London, for authoring this article for Tiny Green Mom!

*Image provided by Earth Mama Angel Baby.*