This latest article is written by Alan Murray, a dad of two who writes for, a popular baby website. The site has information on pregnancy tips, breastfeeding and pregnancy week-by-week.

The Benefits of Going Local with Local Food

So what are the benefits of buying local food? Here are some of the best reasons why you should be going local for your food.

Local food is going be fresher than going to your supermarket. Supermarket food can take days to get there when local food can be on your table within a day or so.

Environmental experts say you should buy from a radius of 12 miles of your house. Road miles cause more damage to the environment than air miles do. So the message is buying from other parts of the country is not enough – you need to buy local produce to really help.

Buying local foods helps build your community. Using local farmers helps the wealth of the area by keeping the money local. You get to know more people and build relationships.

Studies have shown that local food is better for you. Fresh food loses fewer nutrients and you are buying food that has not been sitting in a supermarket for weeks.

Support farmers – farmers get squeezed by supermarkets on price. By buying direct you are cutting them out giving you and the farmer a better deal. Can you get the expert advice that you may get of your farmer at a supermarket? I don’t think so! Scan your local papers for details of a local farmers market.

Learn what foods are in season. Learning foods that are in season is something you will have to do if you are going to eat local food. We are so used to having foods imported from outside the UK meaning we can eat out of season food.

It tastes better! Food that is fresher is always going to taste much better!

You are helping local farmers and other small business a chance. Big business has taken over much of the food business and it’s time to let the little guy have a chance again!

Thanks again to Alan Murray of for putting together such an informative article for Tiny Green Mom!