Ah – the blueberry! So tiny, so versatile, so potent! This powerful, flavor-packed little berry boasts an array of cancer-fighting properties and health benefits. Not just used for jam, the blueberry can be seen sprinkled on top of yogurt, made into pie, added to muffins and scones, and a Tiny Green Mom favorite – Blueberry Compote. This amazing little berry contains significant levels of resveratrol, a known phytochemical; anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant; and proanthocyanidin and flavonols, touted for their health-promoting benefits.

Bursting into bloom during the summer months of May through August, they are now in season, and supermarkets everywhere are offering sales on this popular superfruit. As blueberries freeze well, now is the time to stock up to take advantage of their benefits year-round.