Why Your Children Need to Know About Sustainable Energy

Would you make a big mess and then leave it for someone else to clean? Now I’m sure some out there might would prefer it that way, but most would certainly feel a responsibility to do the right thing and pick up the mess ourselves. However, there is a mess that has been in the making for over 200 years that needs to be cleaned up immediately. The only problem is that a this cleanup can’t be done in a day, week, or even a year. So what mess could be this big and this old? The pollution of our planet and the impact it is having on the climate of the Earth.

Fortunately there is a long term solution that will help to improve the damage that has been done. In order to successfully work towards this goal we need to teach our children how to help as well. Teaching your children about sustainable energy will vastly change their future, and the future of the Earth. “Going green” as you may have heard, is actually quite simple to do. There are endless ways to achieve a cleaner and greener home, community, and world.

First it is imperative to lead by example, and what a better place to do this than in your own home. Now in the beginning it can be quite hard to break common energy bad habits like forgetting to turn off the lights and water when not in use, but don’t give up. Usually in just a few weeks you will find both you and your children on the road to greener choices and habits. Also, learning doesn’t have to be boring. Make saving energy fun exciting by creating games and competitions. When it comes time to recycle or compost household products and food have your child or children time themselves to see who sorts the fastest. You may even try inventive ways to use the waste for alternative means like in art or crafts.

Next, encourage the whole family to work together in preparing a garden. By growing your own food, you can show your child how there is less waste without all the packaging and no fuel since there are no trips to the market. Remember to always explain and answer all questions that your child may have so that they fully understand the impact that they are making. Also, by involving them in the process they will feel proud of themselves and excited. These feelings will help to trigger a positive response that will result in your child building a life long commitment to be energy efficient.

Lastly, your energy saving efforts do not have to stop in your home. Take those efforts out into the community and get your child involved in any campaigns at school. The best way to make the biggest impact is by getting many involved and excited about sustainable energy. Don’t wait one more minute, start today because that 200 year old mess isn’t going to clean itself up.

This article was written by Caroline C. of Ratelines for Tiny Green Mom. Visit Ratelines for advice on how to save your family money and find the best CD Rates. A HUGE thanks to Caroline C. for authoring this article!