Recently, “Mom” at Tiny Green Mom had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Rock Star Anand Bhatt about his upcoming cookbook, Rock Star Recipes. This fascinating Indian-American rock star is on a mission to change the way that rockers eat on the road by steering away from the fast-food and whiskey-loving nature of his predecessors. He intends to live a long, fruitful life, and is inspiring others to do the same.

An Interview with Rock Star Anand Bhatt

Mom: “It seems that you are truly a rocker with a conscience, having just recently raised over $40k for animal rights! Do you have any plans for future fundraising efforts? What other causes are you passionate about?”

Anand: “Lately, we’ve been trying to make a good education available to all kids worldwide. Many kids live in areas that can’t afford to have schools. This year we will be able to succeed in helping open a new school district in Vietnam and I personally will get to open a music school for children. It’s very exciting. Don’t worry; we’re still actively saving animals at I’ve been lucky that there are so many people wanting to volunteer and help out that these efforts have continued to be successful.”

Mom: “What inspired your cookbook? Do you have a family member that showed you how to cook?”

Anand: “People are always asking me about what I’m eating or going to be cooking. It seems to be a source of entertainment for most because I won’t eat the standard burgers/fries/white bread/ad infinitum. Both my parents and my Grandmother on my mother’s side I feel were an influence to my tastes and styles.

However, I’m an EXTREMELY picky eater. 1) For health reasons and 2) For vanity reasons. You just can’t look and feel good eating the everyday foods that we take for granted here in the U.S. Also, I require a lot of flavor in my food or it’s a chore for me to eat. BTW, my picky eating choices may be a source of entertainment for the public, but it’s probably a source of frustration to my mother when I go visit ;). Because of my pickiness, at a young age I started to learn to cook for myself. As I got older and was on the road with the band, I realized I needed to find a way to get my healthy and tasty food fix to avoid the option of fast food. Even if the tour/set has a caterer – the food most cooks prepare is just not satisfying to me. A caterer is not going to cook a flax-meal muffin with Stevia no matter how much he’s getting paid.

Also, because of their careless diets, my colleagues and predecessors were (and still are) getting out of shape, sick, and unable to handle the stresses and requirements of our fast-paced lifestyle. I just don’t want grow up to be another Vince Neil, Ozzy Osbourne, or Keith Richards. I’d like to transcend that “Rock Stars are supposed to deteriorate” philosophy; Especially in today’s world where our schedules and careers are much more demanding then in prior decades, and therefore require much more health and looks maintenance.”

The results of some of the recipes I came up with or discovered sound strange to many people, but the taste and benefits are undeniable and therefore have led to people asking me to share my eating habits and recipes. So instead of answering each email one-by-one, I decided to put it in the new upcoming book called, “Rock Star Recipes.”

Mom: “How do you find the time to cook while on tour?”

Anand: “Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get a hotel suite with a kitchen. Many times I prepare & pack snacks before shipping off. Some of things I make are Spicy Organic Peanuts & Low-Carb “Cliff” Bars made with almond butter, Stevia and ginger. I also do crazy things with microwave steamable broccoli. The key to eating on the road (or anyone with a busy lifestyle for that matter) is to be able to efficiently use a microwave. You won’t believe me until you try the recipes for yourself, but I’ve been able to cook Salmon as well as Eggs perfectly with just a microwave and you nor your guests will be able to tell that it wasn’t cooked in a restaurant oven.

Mom: “What’s your tried and true recipe – a crowd-pleaser, perhaps, or one that never fails?”

Anand: “I’ll give you two. A favorite of my friends seems to be the CAULIFLOWER-CRUST PIZZA. It is low-carb, low calories, and fun. Another favorite recipe with some Indian flair is my FAST & EASY MASALA CHAI (Spicy Black Tea)! It’s a variation of the method my Father uses to make his tea.”

A large thanks to Anand to taking the the time out of his busy schedule to answer the questions above and for providing Tiny Green Mom readers with some unique and healthy recipes!