When you are on-the-go during the hottest part of the summer, finding a way to cool down and feel refreshed isn’t always easy! That is where COOL OFF™ comes to the rescue! This portable, pocket-sized cooling towelette helps you to recharge and beat the heat, naturally! Infused with a lovely, clean-scented combination of cooling herbs, plant botanicals, and essential oils, these innovative towelettes will help you cool down in a flash!

It’s easy to use COOL OFF™! Simply remove the towelette and shake lightly. Press it onto the back of the neck, inner arms and back of knees. Then blot the forehead and other desired areas, such as wrists and forearms – you will feel refreshed in no time!

These super-soft towelettes are perfect for use while hiking, jogging, working out (indoors or outside), playing sports – anywhere you tend to work up a sweat! COOL OFF™ also helps those experiencing the hot flashes associated with menopause – these discreet towelettes can be used to help you renew and recharge instantly. They are available in a box of 24 packets.

To learn more, or to order, please visit CVS.com. COOL OFF™ can also be purchased online on Amazon.com or at Duane Reade stores in New York.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*