Traveling with the kiddos this holiday weekend? You may want to pick up a couple of these new 14. oz toddler cups from BornFree®! They will help to keep the little ones hydrated while enjoying a 4th of July picnic or watching the fireworks, and keep the messes to a minimum.

The Twist N Pop Straw Cup comes in 4 bold colors and features a unique twist straw mouth and a soft pop-up straw. Moms’ can fill it up with water or juice before leaving home. The ergonomic design allows children ages 12+ months to grasp the cup with ease. This latest addition to the BornFree® line is not only top-rack dishwasher-safe to simplify cleaning, but the cups are BPA-free and Phthalate-free, as well. “Mom” couldn’t be happier!

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Gorp isn’t just for the trail. Use sweet gorp as part of a parfait or as a crumble topping on a cobbler! This sweet recipe comes to Tiny Green Mom courtesy of Janet Groene, from the popular CreateAGorp website.

Super Orange Gorp

6 cups low sodium rice cakes, broken into bite size, OR
6 cups plain popcorn made without fat or salt
4 packets Emergen-C powder, Super Orange flavor
2 cups cheese curls or bite-size cheese crackers
1 cup orange gum drops
1 cup snipped, dried mango


Toss popcorn or rice cake with Emergen-C powder in a large bag. Then add remaining ingredients and toss again. Package by the half cup for a sweet snack or dessert. To make this gorp a complete meal, bring a fresh orange or tangerine and a handful of organic nuts. Wash it down with zero-calorie orange or tangerine water.

*Image courtesy of Janet Groene.*

Barbequing is one of America’s favorite pastimes, especially during Fourth of July weekend. However, it’s hard to believe that this enjoyable and easy meal option can cause food poisoning and even cancer! Dr. Martha Howard M.D. provides the following tips for staying safe during summer grilling:

Safety Hazards:

· An April 2006 presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research showed that when PhIP, a barbecue/char chemical, was added to rats’ food, they developed cancerous changes in their intestines, spleens and prostates within four weeks.

· HCAs, heterocyclic amines, are also produced when meat is charred. This compound can increase the risk of breast, stomach, colon, and prostate cancer.

· PAHs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are produced by smoking fat from chicken, fish or meat and can damage lung, liver, skin and kidney tissue.

Tips for Safe Barbequing:

Clean the grill: get rid of the old fats left over from previous meals.

Avoid petroleum starters for charcoal: If you use charcoal, use a wood starter and stack your charcoal up in a 2 pound metal can with the ends cut off. Lift off the can with tongs and spread out the coals when they are well started.

Proper timing: Avoid a time gap between opening the valve and starting the grill.

Wash your hands: Keep your hands clean and use separate plates and cutting boards for raw and cooked meats. Be sure to wash hands again before putting on long, heat-proof barbecue gloves.

Trim meat: Trim most of the fat from meat; less fat means fewer PAHs.

Use marinades: This protects the meat from charring. Put the marinade on, and refrigerate until use. Don’t let meat sit out.

Pre-cooking: Use pre-cooking prior to grilling, especially for items like raw brats. Avoid taking burgers, chicken or other meats directly from the freezer to the grill.

Cutting techniques: Cut meat and chicken into smaller pieces so they cook through.

Flipping: Turn down the fire, and turn your burgers, steaks, chops, or chicken often, so they cook through, and come out golden brown.

Meat thermometer: If you are cooking a thicker portion of meat or chicken, use a meat thermometer.

Chicken: 165 degrees

Hamburger: 160 degrees

Pork: 150 degrees

Hot dogs: 140 degrees

Steak: 145 degrees for medium rare and 160 degrees for medium.

Cleaning up: At the end of the barbecue, be sure to put out your charcoal completely, and if you are using propane, be sure the valve is turned off.


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Here’s a delicious, healthy chewy granola bar that is nut-free and not processed in a facility that makes products that may contain peanuts – the TANABAR! Vermont Nut Free was started by a mother whose own son had a severe peanut allergy. The TANABAR contains absolutely NO nuts, is packed with fiber and has 6 grams of protein per bar. The TANABAR is available in 3 tasty flavors: Chocolate Chip, Triple Berry, and Sweet Raisin. “Mom’s” favorite? The Chocolate Chip TANABAR!

These bars are great for placing in your bag or purse while on the go this summer. To learn more or to purchase, visit their website. TANABARS are sold individually or in boxes of 12 bars.

*Company provided samples, images and information for this review.*