Gorp isn’t just for the trail. Use sweet gorp as part of a parfait or as a crumble topping on a cobbler! This sweet recipe comes to Tiny Green Mom courtesy of Janet Groene, from the popular CreateAGorp website.

Super Orange Gorp

6 cups low sodium rice cakes, broken into bite size, OR
6 cups plain popcorn made without fat or salt
4 packets Emergen-C powder, Super Orange flavor
2 cups cheese curls or bite-size cheese crackers
1 cup orange gum drops
1 cup snipped, dried mango


Toss popcorn or rice cake with Emergen-C powder in a large bag. Then add remaining ingredients and toss again. Package by the half cup for a sweet snack or dessert. To make this gorp a complete meal, bring a fresh orange or tangerine and a handful of organic nuts. Wash it down with zero-calorie orange or tangerine water.

*Image courtesy of Janet Groene.*