From Traditional Medicinals® comes Organic Pregnancy® Tea, a delicious tea made of a combination of organic raspberry leaf, organic strawberry leaf, and organic nettle leaf that supports a healthy pregnancy* and traditionally nourishes and prepares the womb for childbirth and tones the uterine muscles. With a pleasant fruity taste that is not too sweet, Organic Pregnancy® Tea is absolutely delightful and perfect for sipping throughout pregnancy as you await your precious little bundle of joy. Organic Pregnancy® Tea is recommended by medical herbalists and is Certified USDA Organic.

To brew a cup of Organic Pregnancy® Tea properly, pour 8oz. of boiling water in a mug over the tea bag, cover, and let steep for 10 minutes. Lightly squeeze the tea bag to allow any remnants remaining to be extracted, and sweeten if desired. Enjoy!

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