CoverMate® Food Covers are an ingenious new solution for those seeking to cover their food, but feel guilty every time they reach for the plastic wrap, which is next to impossible to recycle and may possibly seep harmful chemicals into the food, especially when heated! These stretch-to-fit food covers are BPA-free and PVC-free, and come conveniently packaged with 4 different sizes to suit your needs. From the tiny dessert plate holding a coveted piece of flourless chocolate cake to the larger dinner plate only half eaten, CoverMate® has you covered – no pun intended!

Made in the USA of FDA compliant food safe materials, CoverMate® Food Covers are reusable, and can be cleaned by hand or placed in the dishwasher. The stretchy material allows them to fit any dish, plate or bowl, and makes it super simple to cover or uncover with ease.

CoverMate® Food Covers cost $3.95, and can be found at national or local retailers, such as Target, or purchased online at

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

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  1. Pan Covers
    Pan Covers says:

    These food covers were made without any PVC or harmful chemicals. One would feel better using these to cover their food as well as heating it up with it still on later on. Thanks.

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