Saw the review on the SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™ but just not sure how to use the nasal irrigation mist with your child? The creator of the SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™, Dr. Heatley, addresses all of your concerns and more!

The SinuCleanse® system was created in 1997 by Dr. Heatley as an all-natural defense for adults and children who suffer nasal problems and is clinically proven to reduce sinus symptoms. This drug-free treatment can be used as often as needed and is safe for every sinus sufferer, including pregnant women, people on multiple medications and children.

Is nasal irrigation safe for my child?

Nasal irrigation with a saline solution has been shown to be safe for use in children, from newborn to 12 years old, as well as adults.

The traditional methods of nasal irrigation is with a neti pot or squeeze bottle. However, these methods may not be practical with young children and are not possible with infants.

How does SinuCleanse Kids Mist work?

It is difficult to teach a small child to use the neti pot and this method is not possible with an infant – the child need to cooperate and be able to blow their nose to use a neti pot.

That is why we introduced the SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™. The solution is pre-mixed and dispensed in a measured mist, and the bottle can be cleaned and refilled multiple times either with the pre-mixed saline solution or from SinuCleanse® dry ingredients.

SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™ produces an ultra-fine mist using a nozzle that is easy to aim and does not require touching of the inside of the nose. The pump spray mechanism prevents contamination of the saline solution in the bottle.

SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™ can be administered to infants and toddlers, and also used by older children who are resistant to the neti pot or squeeze bottle. The mist thins out the thick mucus in your child’s nose, making it easier to wipe or blow out.

The videos available on the SinuCleanse website are a helpful guide for parents using nasal washing with their children for the first time.

Is the product an effective substitute for dangerous cold medicines?

The primary benefit of the SinuCleanse® system as compared to medicinal sprays and pills is that it is not only effective, but all natural. It can be used every day without fear of the “rebound” effect that is associated with decongestant sprays. Clinical research has shown that nasal irrigation with a saline solution is, in fact, a good adjunctive therapy that can actually help reduce the need for pharmaceutical treatments.

Additionally, nasal irrigation can help control sinus and nasal symptoms over time and promotes sinonasal health by treating the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms as medicines do.

Manufacturers of OTC pediatric cough and cold medications have recently voluntarily recalled products following FDA warnings against use of such products with children under 6. Therefore options available to parents for treatments of sinus congestion have significantly decreased. SinuCleanse® systems provide a safe alternative and contain no harmful additives or preservatives.

Can SinuCleanse be used in conjunction with allergy medication?

Yes. Using nasal saline to clean the nose prior to using a prescription nasal spray will improve the effectiveness of the prescription spray – since it is then sprayed on the lining of the nose where it does its work rather than being sprays onto a thick coating of mucus. Also, nasal washing has been shown to reduce the need for prescription nasal sprays, antibiotics, and allergy medications.

Is there any adverse effect in using a saline solution?

There is no evidence of significant adverse effects associated with nasal washing using a saline solution for either children or adults. The saline solution used with the SinuCleanse® system is 100% natural and contains no harmful additives or preservatives.

Additives and preservatives can damage the delicate lining of the nose and should always be avoided. Some people do experience mild and transient discomfort with nasal washing, particularly when just starting out. These events include nasal irritation, itchiness, earache, sneezing, and pooling of saline in the sinuses.

Should they use it everyday?

The frequency of nasal washing depends on each individual and circumstance. Daily nasal washing has been shown to reduce the number of upper respiratory infections children and adults develop, so that is an excellent choice for most people. Many people with chronic sinus and nasal symptoms find using nasal washing 3-4 times weekly allows them to feel well without using prescription medications. People who have a cold or acute sinus infection will want to wash their nose perhaps 4 or 5 times a day until their symptoms improve. Infants with nasal congestion benefit from a spray of saline mist with every diaper change. People with allergies may increase nasal washing frequency during allergy season, and only use it occasionally at other times of the year. The regimen can truly be “customized” to fit everyone’s needs.

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