Looking for a delightful new story to read to your children? My Purple Toes, a light-hearted, playful book by Blair Hahn, teaches young ones to express themselves and be true to who they are through humor and whimsy. My Purple Toes tells a silly story about a real experience the author had with his family after he went with his daughter to have her toenails painted, and ended up with purple polish on his own toes! The board book features imaginative illustrations in addition to the lively story, including a friendly-frog that hides on each page. As they listen to the story, kids will certainly giggle and laugh as they see how everyone in the family reacts to dad with his toenails painted a bright, vibrant purple!

In addition, My Purple Toes is dedicating a portion of its proceeds to support children around the world through the nonprofit organization, Soles4Souls.

To learn more about this entertaining story or how you can help give back, please visit MyPurpleToes.com.

*Company generously provided a sample and image for this review.*