You may have seen the delicious energy bars by Kardea Nutrition Bars featured on Tiny Green Mom, but have you checked out their healthy recipes on the Kardea Gourmet? Nutritious, heart-healthy and inspired cuisine, the Kardea Gourmet offers unique recipes for discerning tastes. The following salmon cakes spiced delicately with curry will delight the taste buds and excite the senses!

Curry-Spiced Salmon Cakes with Lemon Caper Dressing


Salmon Cakes
14.5oz Canned No-Salt Added Salmon without bones or skin
1 Cup Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs (you can make this from 4 slice whole wheat bread-see below)
1 Large Egg
½ Medium Red Pepper, Chopped Fine
½ Medium Onion, Chopped Fine
¼ Cup Parsley, Chopped
½ Teaspoon Mild Curry
2.5 Tablespoons Olive Oil

On a medium heat, sauté the chopped red peppers and onion in ½ tablespoon of olive oil for approximately 5 minutes.

Drain the salmon. In a large bowl, add salmon, whole wheat bread crumbs, the egg, the spices and the sautéed vegetables. With a fork or a potato masher, blend together. Place in refrigerator for at least ½ hour. Remove from refrigerator and shape about 10 cakes. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Heat a pan large enough to fry about 5 cakes at a time. When hot, add one tablespoon of olive oil to the pan and immediately add the cakes. Cook on both sides for about three minutes. Place on baking tray. Repeat with the other five cakes. Place all ten cakes in preheated oven for 10 minutes (if starting with a fresh salmon, leave in oven for 15 minutes).

Plate two cakes per person. Spoon on about ½ tablespoon of dressing (see below) onto each salmon cake.

Lemon Caper Dressing
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tablespoon Finely Chopped Capers
1 Tablespoon Finely Chopped Parsley or Dill

Place lemon juice, olive oil and capers into a medium sized bowl. Whisk together vigorously. Shortly before serving, stir in your choice of fresh parsley or dill.

Making Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs
Place 4 slices of whole wheat bread in an oven on low heat for approximately 15 minutes. When you remove, the bread should be crunchy but not toasted. Let cool in the open air. When cool, simply dice into small pieces. Then break these pieces down further into crumb size – a few larger pieces are ok too.

*Image and recipe courtesy of Kardea Gourmet.*