Finally! A set of tote bags that you won’t forget to take with you on your next trip to the grocery store! Let’s face it – the oversized tote bags sold at most grocery stores are bulky and don’t tuck away easily while at home, not to mention they are just not attractive at all. Yes, they do the job, but wouldn’t you rather carry a stylish, lightweight, and unobtrusive bag with you to carry your groceries home? Now you can – with Repax Reusable Bags!

Created by three savvy women, Repax Reusable Bags are a set of four environmentally-friendly, reusable, and brightly colored bags that come in their own compact pouch, meaning you can keep the bags tucked away in your purse, car, or backpack while on-the-go. Not just for shopping, the bags are perfect for carrying items to and from the gym, the beach, and even the mall. Each bag holds an impressive 20 lbs, and is washable, too, which is great!

Repax Reusable Bags are available in 5 brilliant, bold colors so you can’t miss them – choose from Mango, Grasshopper, Lagoon, Confetti, and Carnival. At just $19.95, these are a smart buy for any family!

In addition, Repax gives back to three worthy causes! To learn more about how you can Repax for a reason, check out their blog, or to purchase your own set of stylish reusable bags, please visit

*Company generously provided samples, images and information for this review.*

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  1. Sammie Bohn
    Sammie Bohn says:

    Tiny Green Mom, I am one of the owners of Repax Bags and wanted to say thank you for all the compliments on our bag line. I have to agree with you that they are the best bags on the market. They are so lightweight, compact and easy to use, you will never have to use plastic or paper again. The best part about our bags is that they are COMPLETELY WASHABLE! Again, thank you!

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