On the heels of the citizen bag monsters comes fabulous ideas for reducing and reusing your plastic bag trash! Before you toss that plastic bottle or cd case into the recycling bin, you may want to hold onto it for a rainy day activity with the kids. FaveCrafts.com offers “8 Ways to Craft with Plastic Trash,” a resource filled with 8 fun and functional ideas that everyone can enjoy making! Click here to learn how to turn your plastic water bottles into bird feeders or how to make jewelry from bread tags (who knew?!).

Mom” likes to turn plastic yogurt cups into tiny flower pots. Decorated decoupage style using old magazines, glue, and non-toxic paint, you can have a miniature flower or herb garden blooming on your window sill!

What other ideas do you have for turning ordinary items that may go out with the trash into new items for the home or for play?