The air begins to turn from warm to crisp. The trees and leaves begin to edge with fall colors. These are the tell tale signs that the school year is about to begin again. It is around this time of year that many parents begin to think about getting their kids ready for a successful year of learning. In fact, there are even some responsible kids who start thinking along the same lines. For those of you—both parents and students—who are looking for some tips about how to get prepared for school, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best websites to get ready for the back to school season.

10 Best Websites to Get Properly Prepared for the Back to School Season

1) – is one of the best websites on the Internet for coupons and discount codes. There are dozens of coupons and codes that can be used to purchase items such as computers, printers, monitors, textbooks, and school supplies. They even have a category of coupons for tutoring and test preparation services. This is our number one site because it can offer one stop shopping for school year preparation and has lots of great educational tools.

2) Overstock. com – comes in a close second because it has many of the items and educational tools listed by But be sure to go to first because they’ve got great Overstock coupon codes that can be used here.

3) – This site has some great articles about how to get organized for the school year.

4) – With a number of articles written for kids about how to get ready for school and make each day a success, this site is a must for both parents and kids who are old enough to take part in the process of getting themselves ready for school every day.

5) – is another site with good articles and advice for parents and kids about how to get prepared, get organized, and use educational tools to make the school year a great success.

6) – This is a great site that can help you to figure out all of the items that you need to purchase for your child’s upcoming school year.

7) – Here is another great site with articles for parents who want to get involved in their kids’ success at school.

8) – The formatting on this site isn’t the best, but it does have lots of useful articles for parents who want to get their kids ready for school and stay involved throughout the school year.

9) – This is a site that includes personal finance information for people in their 20’s. It includes a few very helpful articles about how college students can prepare for the coming academic year.

10) – Here is another good site for college students with lists of things that college students should remember to buy in preparation for the school year. The lists also include wise spending tactics for these products.

When it comes to education, planning and preparation are two major keys to success. By using these sites, you can make that process simpler and more effective.

This is a guest post by Jessy Troy who promotes green living via her DIY gadget blog collection.

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