Utterly exhausted parents of inconsolable newborn and infant babies will go to great lengths to soothe them – from placing baby in the car seat and driving around at 3 in the morning to rocking, snuggling, and singing for hours. High-need babies, (such as “Mom’s” darling little one), can be quite demanding right from the start, and concerned parents will do what it takes to calm and pacify their child. Many pediatricians recommend proper swaddling to soothe fussy babies. However, swaddling a screaming, unhappy baby can take some practice, and that is where the Miracle Blanket® comes in!

This innovative swaddling blanket makes it super simple to swaddle your baby properly and with ease, helping to calm baby down in a matter of seconds. Super-soft, the Miracle Blanket® has no large knots, uncomfortable zippers, and scratchy seams to irritate tender, sensitive skin, but allows for freedom of movement and proper development of the hips and knees. Once baby is comfortable, everyone in the family will start to get some much needed rest!

The Miracle Blanket® has been designed with these true swaddling facts in mind:

FACT: Medical research showing the incredible efficacy of PROPER swaddling has been done using a snugly wrapped blanket with arms down at-the-sides.

FACT: Babies are not coordinated enough to self-soothe (ie: suck hands) reliably until 14 weeks. Swaddling is a substitute during this time to prevent awakening from the Moro Reflex.

FACT: PROPER swaddling has been shown in clinical studies to calm a fussy, colicky baby while helping baby sleep safer, better, deeper and longer.

FACT: PROPER swaddling has been shown in clinical studies to reduce SIDS by as much as 30%, even over back-sleeping babies without swaddling.

The Miracle Blanket® is made of 100% high-quality cotton, and is available in a variety of colors and styles such as: Sky Blue, Garden Pink, Beige with Green Trim, Green with Beige Trim, Green with Blue Trim, Blue with Green Trim, Pink Camouflage, Blue Camouflage, Natural Beige, and Yellow with Aqua Trim.

The Miracle Blanket® can be found at boutique stores and hospitals throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and more, as well as online at www.MiracleBlanket.com.

About the Miracle Blanket®

An exhausted father’s frustration gave birth to the Miracle Blanket® — ecstatic customers named it after sleeping for the first time in weeks! Michael Gatten decided he wouldn’t settle for another colicky baby. Following exhaustive research, cutting, stitching and testing the design on his then four-week-old son, Michael created a simple and incredibly effective solution that greatly enhances the age-old technique of swaddling. Before he knew it, Good Housekeeping Magazine® got a hold of his creation, gave it the coveted “Thumbs Up!” and the rest is history.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

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