Straight from the farmer’s market to your dinner table comes this fresh pasta dish from Maureen Smithe, of Homemade Mothering! She has added an interesting array of ingredients that taste absolutely divine paired together.

Farmer’s Market Pasta


Green beans
Cherry tomatoes
Ricotta cheese
Bacon (“Mom” prefers turkey bacon, if used)
Eggs (optional)


Drop the pasta into boiling water. When the pasta has one minute of cooking left, add in fresh green beans. Drain the pasta and beans.

Add sliced cherry tomatoes to a large bowl. Pour hot pasta/beans on top of tomatoes. Fold in fresh pesto.

Add pasta mixture to bowls. Top with a generous dollop of ricotta. Sprinkle on some crispy bacon. Top with a fried egg, if desired.

*Image and recipe courtesy of Maureen Smithe, of Homemade Mothering.*