Mom’s” 13 month old’s favorite word is “up!” Sometimes it can mean, “Pick me up,” or “I want to get down,” or “Let’s go” – but regardless, it is used frequently and with enthusiasm! So when the opportunity to review the book, Up, Up, Up by Barefoot Books came along, “Mom” couldn’t resist!

Written by Susan Reed and illustrated by Rachel Oldfield, Up, Up, Up is a delightful tale, filled with bold, colorful pictures as readers are taken on a flight of fancy. Your child will be captivated as the balloon travels all around the world, to lands near and far, and even to the stars. What makes this children’s story even more charming is the accompanying CD, with an adorable song sung by Susan Reed herself. It can be played after reading the story aloud with your child, making this book a reading and musical adventure in one!

Printed on recycled paper, Up, Up, Up by Barefoot Books costs $17.00 and is available for purchase on

*Company generously sent samples and images for this review.*