Studies have demonstrated that men crave hearty homemade fare, while women yearn for easy to grab sweet treats? Home cooked meals mean love and nurturing to most men, while women want the no hassle candy bar or sugary snack. Another difference between the sexes is that men do not feel as guilty for indulging in their cravings as women tend to. Women worry more about gaining weight or losing health. If you are trying to curb a sweet tooth, consider these tried and true options instead.

Women’s Snacking Patterns: How to Make Your Snacks Healthier

As you work on being healthier, don’t forget that your daily choices add up, for good or ill. Substituting one nutritious food choice for a poor quality one helps you discard pounds over time and feel better right now. You’ll have the greatest impact on your weight and health by choosing the most organic and least processed foods you can. Going natural allows you to determine just how much salt and fat you consume, rather than letting a diet soda set the pace. Use the ideas below to change merely one snacking habit and see how much this one swap will improve your health.

Some tips to stave off the candy fix are:

1. Know about good nutrition. Know the various vitamins and minerals and just why they are healthy for you.

2. Learn what types of foods have various vitamins and nutrients so you can get the variety that is so good for your health and immune system.

3. Know about all your options to stay healthy.

Choose healthy fruits as your sweet snack rather than a candy bar. So much nutrition is packed into a serving of prunes, raisins or dried cranberries that snacking on these can actually be a favor to yourself. A serving of dried fruit is just one-fourth of a cup, or a small handful for most of us women.

If you are a smart snacker, you will be able to maintain your energy with the vitamins and nutrients to be found in healthful choices like raw almonds or whole grain breads and cereals. Munching on sugary candy or soda gives you a spike, but will make your energy dive in the hour following your consumption.

So many meals –or bites – are consumed on the go, and this makes it more difficult to make nutritious food picks. Here are some tips for eating healthier snacks, which means more energy, better immunity to disease and better health: Keep prepared and premeasured containers of fruits or vegetables to pick up and go. A bit of prep work ahead of time can improve your diet, your health and prevent you from putting on unwanted pounds. Choose jicama , melons, nectarines, apples, oranges, carrots, celery, sugar snap peas and other favorites to get you through the day.

Most of us desire to be healthier and we all have well-intentioned goals that go the way of so many good intentions when time is short. Making improved diet decisions is mostly about getting ourselves into the proper routines. Buy the most local and least processed foods you can at the grocers or market, then get your pretzels, fruits, veggies, yogurt, trail mix, nuts or seeds separated into easy to grab portions and you will have made significant strides for your well-being. Each of us needs a boost at times, so try to remember we are all in this trek pursuing better health and energy. Stick to it and remember that it is the little decisions that add up to big changes in time. You can accomplish your goals, and you’ll feel better for making these tiny improvements to your daily schedule. Be true to yourself and be all you have in you to be!

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