What color is your soul? That is the burning question that the founders of GreenSoul Shoes would like to know! Alastair Ong, Iris Chau, and Stephen Chen have taken the time to answer “Mom’s” questions about their mission to place shoes on the feet of underprivileged children around the globe.

An Interview with the Founders of GreenSoul Shoes

Tell us about your eco-inspired company.

GSS’s mission is to shoe underprivileged children around the world in a sustainable fashion. We work with local artisans from developing nations to produce a 100% up-cycled sandal and for each one that we sell; we give one away to an underprivileged child in need in that same community.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

I am a staunch advocate of composting even if you live in a small apartment: See my blog and a write-up in another blog here.

Guilty green pleasure?

I love recycled bags or any sort. I have a collection of bags made out of juice boxes, sailcloth, nylon, reused cotton.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Because it’s recycled doesn’t mean that it needs to be ugly or uncomfortable or not stylish. Green is chic in itself, and it is our job as inventors, manufacturers, retailers and innovators to make our sustainable products even better than non-sustainable products.

*Image provided by GreenSoul Shoes.*