Cold & flu season is upon us once again! To pump up your immune system in defense of the inevitable germs encountered this time of year, Xigo (which means “life force”) offers total support for both adults and children in a pleasant-tasting chewable supplement. Lightly sweetened naturally with Stevia, Xigo is made up of 3 key ingredients that work together synergistically, L-glutamine, beta-glucans and lactoferrin. Xigo is perfect for busy families, those traveling during the upcoming holiday season, or for tucking into a drawer at the office to keep your immune system built up during the coming months.

The three products in the Xigo line include:

Xigo Daily Immune Defense: Provides ongoing immune support with 490 mg of beta-glucans, L-glutamine and lactoferrin formula in a chewable tablet. Also includes zinc for oxidative stress support and beta-carotene for improved absorption ($25.95 SRP, 30-day supply).

Xigo Maximum Immune Defense: Extra-strength formula provides 800 mg of beta-glucans, L-glutamine and lactoferrin in a chewable tablet for a quick immune response ($14.95 SRP, 60-hour supply).

Xigo Daily Immune Defense for Children: Provides ongoing immune support with an appropriate child’s dose of 245 mg of beta-glucans, L-glutamine and lactoferrin formula in a chewable tablet. Also includes zinc and beta-carotene ($20.95 SRP, 30-day supply).

Mom” loved the light citrus flavor as the Xigo tablet was chewed, and it did not leave an unpleasant aftertaste at all. The tablets come packaged in a convenient single dose packet, so you can place a couple in your purse or even your pocket when you are on-the-go!

Xigo products can be purchased nationwide at select natural health food stores and The Vitamin Shoppe. For more information, please visit

*Company generously provided images, samples, and information for this review.*

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  1. smilinggreenmom
    smilinggreenmom says:

    I have not heard of this before! I love natural remedies though and our family always makes sure that we take a probiotic to help boost our immunities. I take Vidazorb and our kids take their Belly Boost chewables along with lots of whole foods and water to stay hydrated! These sounds super interesting though…will check them out! Thanks!

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