Splish splash! Kids will have fun in the bath with Rub A Dub ABC and 123 Bath Toys! These learning toys make bath time enjoyable – the soft yet durable foam letters stick to the tile or tub once wet. What a great way to practice spelling or counting! Each set comes in its own reusable plastic tub with a convenient carrying handle, and features 2 bold, multi-colored sets of alphabet letters and numbers 0-9 for a total of 62 foam pieces. For ages 2 years & up, the Rub A Dub ABC and 123 Bath Toy set by Alex Toys provides good, clean fun (pun intended!) for little ones. Not just for the tub, the sturdy foam letters can be placed on a high chair tray to learn and play, or spilled out across a play mat for counting, sorting and spelling. The thick foam texture makes it easy for tiny fingers to manipulate and grasp the letters and numbers, too! Plus, the plastic tub packs up neatly, making it a great item to pack into the car for the next trip to Grandma’s. Moms will love how easy the letters are to clean off, as well – just rinse and air dry.

The Rub A Dub ABC and 123 Bath Toys Set is available online at www.growingtreetoys.com.

*This product was received courtesy of Growing Tree Toys for this review.*