Halloween is an exciting time in a child’s life, filled with treats, parties, and the fun of being a favorite cartoon character or superhero for a day! However, for those children with food allergies or sensitivities, Halloween can be a harrowing time. What is underneath that wrapped candy bar could very well cause an allergic reaction, putting a damper on any trick-or-treating.

Here are a few tips that Katie Corl, author of The Pesky Peanut, feels are the most helpful for parents of children with various food allergies at Halloween.

Scare Away Food Allergies this Halloween – Tips to Keep Little Ghosts & Goblins Safe

1. With lots of school Halloween parties, make sure to check treats for cross-contamination.

2. Supervise all younger children at parties to make sure they do not eat anything they are allergic to, or accept candy from their friends that has not been checked for ingredients.

3. When out trick-or-treating do not let children eat candy before you can inspect it.

4. Make sure to have an emergency kit on hand!

5. Avoid individually wrapped candy with no ingredients listed.

6. Beware of popcorn balls! Many of these seemingly harmless treats are manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts. Some, but not all, facilities that process popcorn process peanuts, as well. It would be wise to read labels prior to purchasing. Halloween = popcorn balls galore!

The Pesky Peanut can be found on Amazon.com via Arundel Books, here.