The new Shake & Go Smoothie by Vega (health food giant Sequel Naturals’ wildly successful line of plant-based nutrition bars and drinks) is quickly becoming one of “Mom’s” favorite supplements to start the day! The Shake & Go Smoothie is brimming with 11 grams of essential protein, probiotics, 2500 mg of Omega 3’s, vitamins and nutrients – all in a tasty, convenient 65% raw organic powder that is perfect for busy moms’ who want to stay healthy and at the top of their game throughout the day. In addition, the Shake & Go Smoothie is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free and yeast-free. For those who want to reap the benefits of eating their greens daily, but may not always have the time to prepare a leafy green salad or sauté a mixture of kale & spinach in some olive oil, Vega makes it possible to add two servings of vegetables to your diet in a flash! Just like the name implies – simply Shake & Go!

This plant-based beverage is available in 4 distinct, tasty flavors, including Bodacious Berry, Choc-A-Lot, Tropical Tango, and Vanilla Almondilla. The Shake & GoSmoothies taste creamy and delicious mixed with water, or they can be added to Almond Milk or Rice Milk, as well. Each 300g pouch contains 12 servings, and costs a reasonable $23.95. Visit

Vega products have been developed by best-selling author Brendan Brazier, an internationally renowned speaker and award-winning competitive triathlete. The most recent version of his best-selling diet and fitness bible, Thrive, contains a foreword written by Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, Vega’s newest enthusiast.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

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  1. Tazim
    Tazim says:

    Looks like some good flavours! I’ve been using the protein powder by Vega in Berry flavour, which is pretty good. I haven’t tried these shake & go smoothies, though!

  2. Tiny Green Mom
    Tiny Green Mom says:

    They are very tasty! If you like their protein powder, you will enjoy the Shake & Go Smoothies, as well!

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