For a healthy, hands-on activity this Halloween, parents and kids can put on a pair of Skrub’a scrubbing gloves to clean both the inside and outside of the pumpkins being carved. Both playful and functional, Skrub’a scrubbing gloves turn what some consider a chore, such as cleaning the dirt off of root vegetables, into a family activity.

Skrub’a gloves come in colors associated with a specific vegetable, but all gloves can be used to clean every type of produce. Children’s sizes come in pumpkin color (of course!) with an adorable Jack O’ Lantern design, as well orange for carrot or brown for potato. Adult size gloves are available in orange for carrot, green for vegetable and brown for potato. Skrub’a gloves are made of durable, food-safety-tested, hygienic nylon, and are imported from Denmark. Each pair costs an affordable $6.99 a pair for kids and $9.99 a pair for adults.

To learn more, visit Skrub’a gloves can be purchased at,, as well as local retailers.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*