The tart bite of the lime and the sweetness of the cherry lavender jelly really work well with the delicate taste of salmon. It’s one of Chef Kate’s favorite recipes to make for dinner parties. The colors are beautiful and it great the next day if you are lucky enough to have any leftovers! Don’t let the length of the recipe scare you. It comes together quickly once you have everything prepped and is worth the effort.

Sweet and Sour Salmon


4 (4 to 6 ounce) wild caught salmon filets (skin removed)

2 Tablespoons olive oil (or 1 Tablespoon olive oil and 1 Tablespoon butter)

2 teaspoon* lavender salt and freshly ground pepper

½ teaspoon *Herbs de Provence

½ teaspoon *culinary lavender

A pinch of cayenne pepper

1 Cup cherry lavender jelly sauce (recipe follows)

2 Tablespoons Bragg Liquid Aminos

4 Tablespoons fresh lime juice

1 teaspoon lime zest

¾ Cup Champagne or white wine

¼ Cup green onions (thinly sliced on the diagonal)

1 Cup purple cabbage (thinly sliced/shredded)

3 Tablespoon fresh mint (finely chopped)

Fresh cherries, (if in season) mint, and a sprig of lavender (for garnish)

Cherry Lavender Jelly Sauce

Prepare the cherry lavender jelly before you start the salmon recipe. You can make it a few days ahead and it will keep up to a week in the refrigerator. You will only need 1 cup for the salmon recipe. Keep the rest on hand to use on pancakes, desserts, and your favorite toasted bread.


2 Cups fresh or frozen cherries (pitted and cut in half)

1/8 Cup spring or filtered water

3/4 Cup lavender jelly

2 Tablespoons * lavender honey or agave syrup

A pinch of salt


In a medium non aluminum sauce pan bring all the ingredients to a boil for 5 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium and continue cooking for about 10 minutes more stirring occasionally until the cherries are tender and release some of their color and juice. Remove from heat and cool before refrigerating. You can use the sauce before cooling for the salmon recipe.

For the salmon: Mix the lavender salt, pepper, culinary lavender, Herbs de Provence, and cayenne pepper in a small bowl. Lay the salmon filets on a plate and sprinkle both sides with the spice mixture.

In a small mixing bowl mix 1 cup lavender cherry jelly, Braggs, lime juice, and lime zest together and set aside. Measure the Champagne and set aside. Have your green onions, cabbage and mint leaves cut and set aside to add to the salmon. Prepare your garnishes (mint leaves and whole cherries) to add when serving.

Heat a large non stick frying pan on medium high heat and add the olive oil or butter and olive oil. Test the pan to see if it is hot enough by dropping in a tiny piece of the salmon in the pan. It should sizzle! Gently lay all the salmon filets in the pan and cook for 2 minutes on one side. Gently turn the salmon over and continue cooking for 2 more minutes. Reduce the heat to medium and spoon the lavender cherry jelly mixture over each piece of salmon. Sprinkle each piece with the green onions, cabbage, and mint. Pour the Champagne into the pan and cover with a lid for 1 to 2 minutes. (Cooking time depends on the thickness of the salmon filets.) Be careful not to overcook. Remove from heat and garnish with mint, cherries and a sprig of fresh or dried lavender.

Remember to always use organic ingredients when possible.

*Culinary lavender products available at

*Image provided by Lauren Lemons ( and recipe courtesy of Chef Kate McAloon.*