When you’ve lived in the same place for years it can be great to occasionally give your home a bit of a refresh. Decorating can be hard work and expensive, so a good way to keep your home interesting without spending lots of money is to make your own decorations. Sourcing your decorations from your own garden is a really eco-friendly way to update your home as you dramatically cut down on the emissions that come from manufacturing plants and transportation. Here is a guide to how you can use items from your garden to decorate your home.

Using Items From Your Garden to Decorate Your Home

By Vanessa Barlow


During fall you can easily find lots of beautiful red, brown and orange leaves. These leaves make excellent decorations for your home and will give it a really cozy feel. You can create a garland by stringing together lots of different leaves. Large leaves such as maple or oak work particularly well for this as it is easy to thread them together without the leaves falling apart. These garlands can then be hung around a fireplace or staircase.

Rather than creating a flower arrangement you can instead use branches from your garden. Find a number of small branches with interesting shapes and display them in a big vase. To add a bit of colour you could spray the branches; red, gold and silver work particularly well for this type of display.


In winter nothing really beats holly. Collect holly from your garden and use green wire to attach the holly to your stairs, fireplace, or shelves. Holly is very prickly so only attempt this if you’re wearing a good pair of gardening gloves. You can also use holly to create beautiful centrepieces. Put a large candle (preferably red or green) in the centre of a plate and then use the wire to wrap the holly around the candle and attach it to the plate. For fire safety, make sure no holly leaves or berries are too close to the candle flame.

Vanessa Barlow works for Artscape Garden Design in Surrey and likes to bring a touch of the garden indoors whenever possible.