Healthy, meatless options abound from Veggie Patch! For yummy alternatives to traditional chicken nuggets, burgers, and even buffalo wings, Veggie Patch has created delicious meat-free meals and snacks. “Mom’s” favorites include the Spinach Nuggets and Broccoli Bites. Perfect for an afternoon snack or as a healthy appetizer before dinner is served!

100% vegetarian, Veggie Patch products are all-natural, and contain no MSG or trans-fats. For those desiring to eat less meat, but are unsure of how to start incorporating healthy vegetarian options that are more than just a salad, Veggie Patch is the way to go! From Meatless Garlic Portabella Burgers to Chick ‘n Cutlets, there are plenty of hearty dinner options for the meat and potato lover in your family.

For more information, to locate a store near you that carries Veggie Patch products, or to order, visit their website.

*Company generously provided images and samples for this review.*